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Shaun’s Wide arched supercharged PH2

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So I suppose now is as good a time as any to make a build thread,

The car has a bit of history on here but i’ll get into that later.

I bought it very early December 2017 and made some fairly quick progress 😂

So, the car (BN53SYX) was taken to TTE in Germany back in 2004 to get the supercharged kit fitted. Among other mods that came with it, it has a HKS Hi Silent back back box, tein coilovers, Cusco upper and lower braces and a c-one engine cover, it also had some sort of eye brows fitted- not a clue which brand

Soon after buying it I gutted the cats as it was very strangled at high rpm and it also improved the exhaust note. Booked in next month for a 2 1/4 decayed centre section with one silencer which should perk it up a little more too and release a little bit more of the exhaust note. 

So! Onto the stupid part 😂 I bought some 15X8 ET0 Rota grids for it, knowing they would be hideously wide. Soon came Christmas Eve and well, I battled on and fitted them anyhow because what else is there to do on Christmas Eve? I was greeted by an inch and a half poke all around 😂 so being the brave individual I am I set to with the grinder, cut the arches on a car I’d had for two and a half weeks and fitted some rivet on over arches to make the wheels fit (kind of) 

Also, between Christmas and new year the car started running lumpy and stunk of fuel out the back, it got worse fairly quickly and then it wouldn’t idle below 2000rpm, I pulled the charger off and split it and found the gasket had blown out, I sacrificed a Kellogg’s box and went old school and fettled up a new gasket and since then it’s been working well! 

I’ve recently deleted the aircon which I must say weighed a fair amount one you sat it all in one place 🙄

Got a few new parts turning up in the next few weeks so will try and keep this updated the best I can 😂

















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