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Radiator fan not working or A/C help!

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when running the car up to temp I'm finding the radiator fan does not cut in and out even when the cars been sat running for a long time.

Also when I turn on A/C am I correct in thinking the radiator fan should kick in instantly and stay on while the a/c is on ?  Because its not running then either.

The fan turns freely,  I have changed  the white box  relay/ resistor shown in photo below to no avail, 

I * think* I have been over all fuses related to the rad fan and  a/c  but if Someone can tell me which number fuses and relays  I should check  in case I have missed any that'd be helpful.

Failing that other than using a voltage tester on the loom connecting to the fan to see if there's a current  and find out if the fan is bad I'm not sure what else it can be.

The coolant temp sensor appears to be working,  as the "cold" symbol light goes out after a few minutes.

Its a 1.0 1krfe engine 06'


Thanks in advance


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