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SR Scott88

70k service

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Best to check your service book matey, will tell you all you need to know! :)

Obviously Oil change and oil filter change...
Fuel filter should never need changing...
IIRC plugs are every 40k...
Coolant every 2 years i believe...and brake fluid, tranny oil i believe is every couple of years as well...

But yeah...the service book will tell all :lol:

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If your looking at having a service done on your vehicle give us a shout, and we can quote you as our prices are very competitive :)

Kind Regards,

Nick Jones
Tuning Developments LTD

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Hmm 70k should just be the usual oil & filter change, checking of the coolant and replacing if necessary, and visual inspection of all the brakes, exhaust etc. In regard to the age of the vehicle probably worth getting the brake fluid changed if it hasnt been done, this has now been amended to have scheduled replacements every 2 years on Toyota service sheets.

Also what colour coolant is it? Red or Pink? Pink is the long life stuff, good for 10 years so worth replacing, if its red that doesn't last as long, so definitley worth checking it out, or seeing if its had a water pump or head gasket with new coolant recently.

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