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D4D @ 68K - any timing chain adjustment

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Hi all,

I have a 2004 D4D Tspirit 5door... I have owned it sine 2006, and its been a great little car, so good, I will never get rid! I love the Jap build, lack of DMF and DPF too ;)

I currently have 68K on the car, and I think I took it to Toyota once when it had about 40K for a service and inspection... they did a few bushes and that was it... the bloke there told me to keep the car till domesday, as the MK2 is nowhere near as good... eh, im keeping it anyway.

So, I normally change the oil and filter every 5-7K or so, ensuring that its topped up to the exact level to maintain the timing belt and oil pump in the D4d...

I have also replaced the fuel filter this year, as it started idling a bit rough, and that together with an airbox clean sorted it all fine... ill probably replace the fuel filter every 2 years now I think.

I also replace the air filter yearly and the pollen filter yearly too.

Luckily its not given me any trouble, but I do drive carefully, treat it well, use the correct oil and service parts, and spend on preventative maintenance well before things go...

Im still on the original brake pads would you believe!!

OK... as far as things go, imkeeping an eye on a few things... one the injectors and the glow plugs, and secondly the timing chain.

My immediate questions are as follows:

1. Timing chain adjustment, yes/ no/ when?

2. Glow plugs when

3. any other davice is grately appreciated, so cheers in advance!

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