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Oil Additives

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Whats the best oil to protect engine from cold starts? or reduce wear?

I have a Yaris D4-D its on 83k and when I start it in the morning it takes a LONG time(5 to 7 minutes) for the cold light to go off.. Is their any fuel additive which i can use which maybe sticks to all metal parts to reduce friction?

ATM i wait a couple of minutes then drive off keeping the REVS under 1000 rpm :)

Thanks AJ

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Just some feedback on this!

Dont know if you guys know about Motorkote! Its an American oil additive thats suposed to reduce noises by reducing friction between components increase mpg , horsepower and throttle responce!

Well i got a pretty good deal on one and i shared the costs with a friend as you dont need to much of that. He's got a BMW E30.He put it in his diff and oil. He got to test the car after that as he left for holidays yesterday and called back while driving saying how insane Motorkote was.Car seemed to roll better and indeed mpg was a lot better.In general he said the car feels at its best.Its like he just put a new engine!

Well he took it with him so i cant get to try it until he's back next week but i cant wait.

What i dont really know if it works better on older engines so maybe there wont be a huge difference on low mileage cars!

I have also heard that HitFlon is the absolute best in oil additives.Heard of alfas being absolutely clean inside the cylindrs and not using a drop of oil after 150K miles. Google that thing.Its kinda price though at almost 100GBP:whistle::nea:

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